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First issue (September 1993)
The present issue constitutes the very beginning of our expedition, buoyed by the constant winds that caress our continents in a perpetual invitation to travel. We are sailing away; ready to see the firm, but flat line of our readership disappear from our horizon.

Why « Αρχαι » ?
So that our approach remains distinct from the Aristotelian vocabulary that defines the philosophy of a paragon, which is know under the broad description of Στοιχεια, the elements.

Why Αρχαι ?
To resurrect the momentum towards the most fundamental investigations, so that the philosopher, as a deep-sea diver, descends to strange and disturbing worlds in depth, to break the barriers that separate domains of thought, and to promote a modern view of eternal questions.

Table of contents

Nicolas Monod,
Identitas identitatum,
page 3.
pdf (2.5 Mb)

Ákos Dobay,
La conscience d’être : une introduction à l’existentialisme généralisé,
page 25.
pdf (3.4 KMb)

Zoltán Bécsi,
The Persistence of the Medial Christian Devil in English Romantic Literature and its Example in James Hogg's Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner,
page 59.
pdf (386 Kb)


Simone Bivol

Αρχαι - Arkhai

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