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Second issue (February 1994)
« Excerpt from the diary of an uneducated person »

Art fair Basel. Sunday, June 16, 1991.

Multiplicity blinds me. Reason has turned into a simple shadow that moves like a benevolent guardian. I am overwhelmed. For over three hours I have been immersed in the maze of galleries.

However, it is not wonder that chokes me, but rather anguish ; the fear of never emerging from this majority of individuals who, in despair to understand the innovative breath of their time, trampled individuals who tried to catch up with it. On the other hand, it is easy to end up in a real personality cult where you do not really know if the name of an artist does not simply stand for a brand. I think art has to be subtler than simply a collection of brands. But when I go into the fray, I see only paint stains, crafts, geometric shapes ; variations on white cloth, pseudo-pornographic eroticism, and waste assemblies. Out of this pile I noticed places where maturity and sensitivity emerge. Artworks that remind our daily battle to maintain culture.

Table of contents

Ákos Dobay,
Transcendance et Immanence : une introduction succinte à la métaphysique mystique,
page 3.
pdf (13 Mb)

Nicolas Monod,
page 15.
pdf (20.2 Mb)

Gauthier Ambrus,
La rhétorique larvaire d’Antonin Artaud (Sur la Lettre aux Ecoles du Bouddha),
page 47.
pdf (2.1 Mb)

Rüdiger Meyer,
« L’immoraliste » von André Gide,
page 65.
pdf (6.8 Mb)


Andréas Dobay
page 6.

Márta Masszi
page 10.

Mariette Vogelezang
pages 30, 36, 78.


Andréas Dobay
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