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Sixth issue (June 1995)
With this sixth issue, our magazine reaches a total of nearly half a thousand published pages. It is an opportunity to undoubtedly reaffirming our commitment to provide the reader with an eclectic selection of literary and philosophical texts - of course, all previously unpublished. This copy certainly shows our conviction, as it features both metaphysics and short novels as formal logic.

Table of contents

Ákos Dobay,
La question métaphysique,
page 5.
pdf (7.4 Mb)

Peter Banki,
Le Rien. À partir d’un repos cruel,
page 17.
pdf (4.2 Mb)

Nicolas Monod,
Une logique qui parle d’elle-même,
page 31.
pdf (848 Kb)

Jacques-Michel Pittier,
Meltémi suivi de Cross-country,
page 51.
pdf (6.7 Mb)

Jacques Cayenne,
Le dernier rêve de Ch.,
page 83.
pdf (3 Mb)


Mariette Vogelezang
page 5.

Andréas Dobay
pages 13, 25, 55, 75, 84.


Mariette Vogelezang

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