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Eighth issue (September 2003)
I believe in the supremacy of ideas ! I believe that with good ideas, you can move the world more vigorously than with any revolution or even a war. But of course, there are no rules. Only situations of excess calls for its exact opposite. Excess in a technological world rocking imperceptibly into a world of gadgets. Excess of noise that creates the need for silence. Excess of opinions that condemns man to insignificance and naturally leads him to rediscover his roots. Everything seems already inscribed in the structure of the world, so that any drift of the crowd into the enslavement of a system of thought is a step closer to its own transcendence.
Our world revolves around and leads us into its movement, but the referential is elsewhere. Indeed, the scientific revolution transformed the earth into a simple stone in the universe. Modern cosmology then turned it into a single moment in time that will apparently evaporate into light. Hence, the world will soon -- one day -- be a souvenir in our minds.

Ákos Dobay

Table of contents

Wiebo Van Toledo
Forme, principe de forme et sentiment de la forme
page 5.
pdf (484 Kb)

Jan Marejko
L’infini et le paradigme inertiel
page 35.
pdf (308 Kb)

Cezary Kaczmarek
Identité de la photographie et actualité photographique
page 52.
pdf (348 Kb)

Daniel Eisler
Après le nihilisme
page 66.
pdf (264 Kb)

Daniel Eisler
Le symbole chez Goethe : expression du mystère de la vie
page 76.
pdf (388 Kb)

Poussières d’étoile

Sophie Aigroz
page 95.
pdf (184 Kb)

Adrian Streit
page 96.
pdf (220 Kb)

Valentina Ospina
page 106.
pdf (204 Kb)

David Genillard
page 112.
pdf (316 Kb)

Álvaro Mutis et Javier Ruiz Partella
Manifeste contre la mort de l’esprit
page 126.
pdf (264 Kb)


Marina Wüest-Vogel
page 125.


Laurent Guenat
Marco Costantini


Olivier Chenevart
Αρχαι - Arkhai

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