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Twelfth issue (April 2007)
It is surprising how easily we forget that the Roman Catholic Church and therefore the Catholic religion have been stimulating scientific reflexion since the beginning of the Renaissance. From this marriage, history has retained mostly the « divorces ». The Renaissance was also the natural reaction against an excess of spirituality, giving birth to abstract concepts without humanity and meaning. It is then not surprising if, today, we are witnessing the opposite, namely the technological and scientific researches that promote philosophical and teleological reflexions due to an excess of pragmatism that kills the mind.

A human being is not only a machine that can be optimized to fit into a system of production, but a mind which requires love, recognition for its own actions and, above all, a being that needs to find his function in the universe. This function, which comes out of a natural process, mankind is far away from being able to control.

A world ready to welcome these values needs no god. Man would find in man what they are constantly seeking elsewhere. Mankind is its own God, it has all the resources needed to allow people to move forward and to better themselves. It is not a mechanical, but a dynamical interaction which is permanently linked. The present within the present and everything visible on its surface is the dead skin of what it has been. It is through this interaction and what we feel that we find our place in the world, even if sometimes the way seems to be long and sinuous.

Ákos Dobay

Table of contents

Jean-François Schwab
Le corps urbain
Illustrations : hossE
page 5.
pdf (3.4 Mb)

Daniel Eisler
De la nature cachée du Réel
page 14.
pdf (476 Kb)

Sylvia Joss
Déclaration d’une prophétesse d’Ishtar (en l’an 2007)
Illustrations : Pascale Delévaux
page 30.
pdf (824 Kb)

Sonia Ristic
Un couvert de plus
page 38.
pdf (228 Kb)

Götz Pfander & Isabel Wünsche
Exploring infinity : number sequences in modern art
page 41.
pdf (2 Mb)

Katja Eydel & Bülent Tanju
Model ve Sembol
page 67.
pdf (60.3 Mb)

Silvia Härri
page 83.
pdf (336 Kb)

Thomas Hug
Une lecture de l’étude Pour les sonorités opposées de Debussy
page 89.
pdf (824 Kb)

Jean-François Schwab
À quoi tu penses ?
Illustration : hossE
page 95.
pdf (812 Kb)

Tatiana & Ludmila Zarubina
Art et sciences au XXIe siècle : une ontologie de la complexité
page 118.
pdf (772 Kb)

Points de suspension …

Séverine Viret
« Ici » (deuxième partie)
page 102.
pdf (340 Kb)


Michael Müller

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