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Thirteenth issue (June 2008)
Arkhaï is born of that impulsion to renew contact with the basic principles that govern our world, admitting that the latter can guide our activities. With this impetus, Arkhaï fosters simultaneously intellectual curiosity, scientific exactitude, artistic sensibility and originality, as well as creative virtuosity.

By engaging themselves on this path, the authors give their points of view and invite us to rethink the world. For them it is a matter of finding a balance between tradition and the avant-garde ; it is a question of conceiving recognizable structures that can convey the feelings that dwell within the authors when they are facing the present world. It is by this expedient mentalities progress and successive generations conserve their motivation.

It is within this frame of mind that we wish to pursue and offer to our readers, as in the past, an eclectic vision in order to show that unity on the contrary reveals itself through diversity. To attain our objectives, Arkhaï has joined forces with several partners that share this vision, creating a network that promotes this image of the world. We welcome our readers to discover their work.

Ákos Dobay

Table of contents

Ákos Dobay & Wiebo van Toledo
Informational processing of morphological and topological transitions in biology
page 5.
pdf (1.1 Mb)

Eldes Ferreira
Save me
Illustrations & traduction : Clovis Pareiko
page 17.
pdf (324 Kb)

Pascal Demai
Terre insulaire
page 22.
pdf (264 Kb)

Christophe Herzog
La poésie de Pascal Demai : poétique de l’ île et physique du verbe
page 28.
pdf (328 Kb)

Romain Racine
La Chine contre les Chinois
page 30.
pdf (408 Kb)

Alec Corthay
La passerelle
Illustrations : Marta Masszi
page 40.
pdf (328 Kb)

Silvia Härri
Chasses gardées
Illustrations : Véronique Déthiollaz
page 43.
pdf (284 Kb)

Xana Kudrjavcev-DeMilner
Cosa faggio ogi
page 64.
pdf (6.2 Mb)

Points de suspension …

Séverine Viret
« Ici » (troisième partie)
page 50.
pdf (384 Kb)


Michael Kunze
Was ist Metaphysik ?
pdf (14.9 Mb)


Michael Kunze
Αρχαι - Arkhai

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