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Fourteenth issue (March 2010)
In search of the principle

We still tend to think of ourselves and our existence as an echo of the noise of the 20th century, sounding in the void. Yet, our origin might be rooted elsewhere.

The last century was characterised by a crisis of language. Even philosophy was forced to narrow down its scope, and focus on the problem of language. Words like « end » and « crisis » have increasingly entered common parlance. The more we use them, the more we feel them. That is why our mentality is now far more crepuscular than apocalyptic, and why we hopelessly wait for the end rather than expect a revelation.

In order to avoid being caught in such a vicious cycle, we should look beyond the plurality of language we use to comment on existence, be it artistic, scientific, religious, economical, social, or otherwise. Instead, we should search for the principles that define language, and enable it to make sense of the world. To look for the underlying principle examines the origin, what was in the beginning and what can be incarnated : the Word. It is only through this quest that we can avoid signifying nothing.

In order to be original, let us then go back to the origin and ponder the concept of creation in all its manifold aspects. Let us gain a creative insight into creation and abandon criticism. The 20th century chose criticism as a grammar of creation, but now the question must be asked : what remains of most of contemporary art and music, if we remove its intrinsic criticism of the past ? Such a failure is surely tragic in the sense that it is predictable : crisis always comes to an end, whereas creation is always just beginning.

Christophe Herzog

Table of contents

Prisca Agustoni
Les otages
Photographie : Ozias Filho
page 5.
pdf (750 Kb)

Emmanuel Pinget
À découvert
page 8.
pdf (406 Kb)

Carlos Acevedo-Rocha, Ákos Dobay & Jerry Yu
Entgrenzung : transcending boundaries across scientific disciplines
Illustrations : Matthias Geitel
page 23.
pdf (37.5 Mb)

Ana Elsner
Poems : Entranced & Find me
page 41.
pdf (188 Kb)

Pierre Fankhauser
Jusqu’à Punta Corral
page 43.
pdf (287 Kb)

Tatiana Zarubina
La notion de « personne intégrale » comme filtre de réception et de lecture
page 52.
pdf (356 Kb)

Alec Corthay
L’histoire du faiseur de thé
Illustrations : Marta Masszi
page 63.
pdf (8.9 Mb)


Swetlana Heger & Martin Schibli
Smoke (Liberté toujours), 17 pages.
pdf (1.2 Mb)


Swetlana Heger
Αρχαι - Arkhai

Philosophical book series
& transdisciplinary projects