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Fifteenth issue (April 2016)   order the issue
« The universal, it is the local without the walls » wrote Manuel Torga. This sentence has been accompanying me in my literary search for some time and, as it came back into my mind while preparing this editorial, I had the feeling it was closely describing the project Αρχαι. What I always understood in geographical terms, bound to a way of expressing oneself embedded in a place with its own dialect and idioms, I saw it suddenly carried out throughout the various approaches of thinking, be it artistic, scientific, or philosophic.

When I write, the path taken by knowledge is the same : it starts inside my body, with my desires, and preoccupations, and then it slowly spreads itself into the room where I work until it surrounds me, surrounds nothing since the border between me and the rest of the world just disappeared. It is at this moment that intermittently the purest present can be experienced, where each letter exists for itself without worrying about the word or sentence to come.

While going through this new issue of Αρχαι, I was amazed by the echoes emerging from the texts, carried by fundamentally different voices and horizons. These ways of carving life, in the hope of giving it a voice, build a network at the very bottom of meaning. It is by going through this network that the borders are removed. Times, places and knowledge start to dialogue, they too contribute into dissolving the illusion that the universe exists on one side and me on the other.

Pierre Fankhauser

Table of contents

David Levrat
Le royaume du mathématicien
pages 7 - 29.

Ildikó Meny
Memorial Culture 2.0 : Transformation and Rewiring of Traumatic Personal Histories
Photographies : Ildikó Meny & Rolf Krahl
pages 30 - 38.

Mireille Berton
La technologie a-t-elle un sexe ?
pages 39 - 50.

Éric Duvoisin
Le grand corps
Illustration : Márta Masszi
pages 51 - 57.

Christian Lanctôt
Individu et échange
pages 58 - 61.

Pierre Fankhauser
Au troisième étage
Illustrations : Jamil Alioui
pages 62 - 67.

Jamil Alioui
Variations sur le dixième plateau : ritournelle, déterritorialisation, individuation
Illustration : Jamil Alioui
pages 68 - 86.

Bertrand Schmid
Couffin polygone
pages 87 - 90.

Emmanuel Pinget
Illustration : Ara Azad
pages 91 - 93.

Christian Lanctôt
Biology, diversity and probability
Illustration : Gergely Kiss
pages 94 - 101.

Emmanuel Pinget
Ta future flaque
pages 102 - 112.

Thierry Berlanda
Michel Henry : la source grecque cachée
pages 113 - 122.

Points de suspension …

Séverine Viret
« Ici » (quatrième partie)
Illustration : Márta Masszi
pages 124 - 138.


Jamil Alioui
Αρχαι - Arkhai

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& transdisciplinary projects