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Welcome on the website of Αρχαι (Arkhaï )
Welcome on the website of the philosophical book series Αρχαι : an inter- and transdisciplinary project.

What brings the authors in Αρχαι together is their desire to understand basic principles beyond the complexity of the world before everything. In this sense, Αρχαι uses a transdisciplinary approach, drawing its inventive itinerary between, and at the same time, through a scientific and an artistic questioning.

Nonetheless, Αρχαι also makes references to existing disciplines. From an interdisciplinary point of view, the authors use these disciplines –  which they analyse in order to find fundamental relationships, and out of this process, give an expression to the resulting « feeling of a whole ».

Above anything else, Αρχαι is a project. A project to bring the mind beyond the usual elements that cause it to be confined or influence it to be restrained in terms of what to think –  and to make people aware of the structure of existence : a structure that can take many forms without leaving the constraints that gave birth to it.

Αρχαι intends to show such approach through the content of its articles, as well as in the layout of its individual issues.

Αρχαι - Arkhai

Philosophical book series
& transdisciplinary projects